Failure is not an Option.....

But damn, it sure does feel like a trend.  If you are one of my ardent supporters (whom I cherish dearly), I'm sure you've wondered what is going on in CrushedVelvetland these days.  Postponed and failed live streams, delayed postings, and the like; things may seem dire from outside the process.  But to be honest, it's just the bullshit everyone goes through when they are on a journey of change.  Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy; is the mantra that continuously courses through my mind.  And while the hits and potholes keep coming, the beat goes on.

My Bandcamp Live Stream 3'rd Times A Charm (apparently not) rescheduled for next Sunday, April 3rd, will commence at 7:00 pm.  Tickets are free.  I also have a couple of live shows coming up in April.  Also, catch me streaming on RadioComa as it relaunches with new music and features in June 2022.

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