The Demo Sessions

Every great hit started as a Demo because no song is real until you lay it down. Like every writer I know, I travel with a couple of things: various forms of writing implements, a ridiculous amount of notebooks, and an mp3 recorder as one never knows how or when inspiration may hit. In my old studio back in Seattle, I had 3-foot post-it notes with lyrics hung on the walls as songwriting is as visual as it is auditory for me. Just walking into that room got my creative juices flowing instantly. And getting a good demo is worth every bit of pain that goes into the process. And let me tell you, there's plenty of pain to go around when you're making music. 

But there's also a bunch of good stuff. Taking a song from the ethers of your mind to tangible scorable music is no easy feat, but it's a fulfilling one. Sometimes it's easy, often it's not, and until recently, it was also cost-prohibitive unless you had some financial deal or backing or money of your own. But the joy is in the challenge, and it's one I'm going to win! So join me this month as I launch CrushedVelvet's Demo Sessions on Patreon. Make sure you're following me on Social Media or are on my email list for a free sneak peek. 

I can't wait to share this with you! Until then, Rock on with your bad self. 


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