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Love Fighter- the demo sessions 

OK - here we go; finally, the demo sessions have begun. Life for me has finally taken a positive turn toward stability (lol), giving me the space to get things done. I laugh because "stability" for a broke-ass independent musician like myself would probably make most non-creative people winch. But for me, I don't need much - but I do need to feel safe at home and a good part of my life; that just hasn't been the case. So the struggles I face aren't just creative; they are fundamental. But that's also why making music brings me so much joy - but there is no freedom without struggle.  

First up - Love Fighter. Here is the raw version.

The Loving Feeling 

First up on CrushedVelvet's The Demo Sessions is a sweet little tune called Love Fighter. Not a proper raw demo, as I have worked it out before, but more of a song reconstruction that lives somewhere between a ballad and dance track. This song is one of those that flew into my head fully formed from a lyrical perspective though I struggle still with the arrangement.   

Love Fighter is a song about ultimate denial and final seduction, telling that one crush, run all you want, but I'm running just as fast. 

Like many of my "love" songs, this wasn't autobiographical when I wrote it. It was more of a vibe than an event, but art has a funny way of reflecting life because every time I sing this song these days, it's most definitely personal now, lol. 

I will be experimenting with how I present the songs, from their raw acoustic renditions to the final demo. However, if you subscribe to my Patreon page, you'll be the first to hear it and get a free download of the finished product. So don't fight the feeling. Spread the love. And see you this weekend for the first installment of The Demo Sessions.

The Demo Sessions 

Every great hit started as a Demo because no song is real until you lay it down. Like every writer I know, I travel with a couple of things: various forms of writing implements, a ridiculous amount of notebooks, and an mp3 recorder as one never knows how or when inspiration may hit. In my old studio back in Seattle, I had 3-foot post-it notes with lyrics hung on the walls as songwriting is as visual as it is auditory for me. Just walking into that room got my creative juices flowing instantly. And getting a good demo is worth every bit of pain that goes into the process. And let me tell you, there's plenty of pain to go around when you're making music. 

But there's also a bunch of good stuff. Taking a song from the ethers of your mind to tangible scorable music is no easy feat, but it's a fulfilling one. Sometimes it's easy, often it's not, and until recently, it was also cost-prohibitive unless you had some financial deal or backing or money of your own. But the joy is in the challenge, and it's one I'm going to win! So join me this month as I launch CrushedVelvet's Demo Sessions on Patreon. Make sure you're following me on Social Media or are on my email list for a free sneak peek. 

I can't wait to share this with you! Until then, Rock on with your bad self. 


How To Love an Indie Musician 

This really should be a no-brainer, but...

People constantly tell me how impressed they are that I'm still making my music "after all these years" and then wonder why I give them my famous kiss-my-ass look.  For the record, I do it because I am an artist, it's what I do, and it makes me happy - so in the scheme of things, economics aside, it's a win for me.  But I also do it because I want my music to be heard.  I want to add my voice to the world of music for the greater good although  I have no love for the industry in which I toil.  So if you want to show me some love and have me be your friend forever, this is how you do it.


  1. Buy Our Music.  No matter how convenient, streaming devalues music and, for the most part, actually sounds like shit.  Perhaps you aren't aware that most creators receive about $.0031 per stream.  And while you'll see many artists boasting about their yearly stream count, do not think that correlates to actual money as I just got a payment of $.1 for 5000 plays.  However, if you buy my music on Bandcamp, I get about 80% as the writer, performer, and publisher.  And guess what?  Today is Bandcamp Friday, when 100% of the profits go to the creators.  So I promise you if you buy my EP Better Late Than Never today, I'll love you forever.
  2. Go to Our Shows: Although I guarantee you'll not catch my little ass live onstage in a covid infused club anytime soon, you can see me live and stream 3 Nights a week on Sessions Live.  Sessions LIve a unique streaming platform for music only.  My shows are free to stream on your phone, tablet, or desktop, but join my crew and subscribe to my feed if you want to support me.  You'll get crew shout outs & you can make song requests.
  3. Be My Patron: Join my Patreon.  In case you're not aware, Patreon is a membership platform that connects content creators with fans and supporters. From $3 a month, get up close and personal with my creative process.  Monthly Vlogs, insider streams, and Q&As are only the beginning as I prepare to go back into the studio to record Message from the War Zone.

So come on, won't you show me a little Love?